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Titanium Forgings

Main forging process of titanium alloy:Free forging、Extrusion die forging、Multidirectional die forging、Partial die forging、Isothermal die forging

Forging is a plastic forming process that uses the plasticity of metal to make the blank obtain a certain shape and microstructure properties under the impact or pressure of tools. The advantage of forging production is that it can not only obtain the shape of mechanical parts, but also improve the internal structure of materials and improve the mechanical properties of mechanical parts.

Titanium and titanium alloys are widely used in various fields because of their low density, high specific strength and good corrosion resistance.The forging process of titanium alloy is widely used in aviation and aerospace manufacturing industry (isothermal die forging process has been used to produce engine parts and aircraft structural parts). It is also more and more popular in industrial departments such as automobile, electric power and ship.

Titanium forged products include blocks, bars, shafts, disks, hubs, forged rings, flanges, rings, seamless rolled rings, seamless contoured rolled rings.

Popular Alloy Steel Varieties:  4140    4130    4340。


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