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Alloy Steel Forgings

     Alloy steels are widely used as forgings. They represent a range of engineering alloys capable of being heat treated to a very wide range of mechanical properties.We offer high quality forgings, manufactured to the tightest tolerances and fully inspected and tested. Our forged parts are available in a wide range of shapes.

     Alloy Steel Forging Capabilities:Seamless Rolled Rings、Flanges、Blocks、Shafts and Stepped Shafts、Discs and Hubs、Cylinders and Sleeves。

     By far the largest tonnage of alloy steels is of the types containing 0.20 to 0.55% carbon. These steels are mostly used in automotive and other machinery and are almost always quenched and tempered for high strength and toughness. Manganese, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, aluminum and boron are commonly present in these steels to enhance the properties obtainable after quenching and tempering. Certain alloy steels contain chromium contents up to about 9%, making them suitable for use at elevated temperatures, though not high enough temperatures that require stainless steels or high nickel alloys. The alloying elements added to these steels improve hardenability, that property of steel that marks its ability to harden to depth, ensuring strength and toughness throughout the whole section of a forged part after heat treatment.

Popular Alloy Steel Varieties:  4140    4130    4340


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