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Stainless Steel Forgings

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials used to manufacture industrial parts. It combines the strength of steel with superior corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Austentic stainless steel (300 series) is the most common stainless steel alloy, and is used for sanitary applications due to its ease in cleaning and high corrosion resistance. Martensitic (400 series) and duplex stainless steels are stronger and more corrosion-resistant and provide superior resistance to stress cracking and pitting. All stainless steels are easily machined.

Stainless steel has virtually limitless uses within a number of industries.To the layman, stainless steel is most often seen in the kitchen in sinks, stovetops, and flatware. The below industrial uses show its true versatility:Can withstand frequent cleaning or sanitizing, such as medical devices, food service equipment and processing equipment;High corrosion resistance allows for prolonged exposure to corrosive environments such as pumps, valves, chemical and petrochemical processing equipment, and marine equipment;Stainless Steel has high heat resistance in situations where it is used for heat exchangers, furnaces and ovens;High performance in high wear and high stress environments, such as landing gears, motor components, fittings and connectors;Using its high strength and stability in finished products such as frames, shafts/structural components and  fittings。

We maintains a full inventory of stainless steel alloys for use in open die forgings, including seamless rolled rings, discs, hubs, blocks, shafts, flanges and other forged shapes that can be machined into finished parts.

Popular Stainless Steel Alloys: 304 314 316L 403


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